A good mattress for people who like to sleep on their stomach

A perfect mattress is an absolute necessity if you want to get a good sleep. There are a whole lot of options available when it comes to mattresses. You must buy a mattress not according to what others say about it but by examining whether it suits your need. We sleep in different positions and considering that position very is important. If you are a stomach or belly sleeper, we are here to guide you on how to choose a good mattress for you.

What to factors to consider?

  • Sleeping in this position puts a whole lot of pressure on your spine. So you are looking for a mattress that helps in releasing that pressure.
  • Most of all, you need the right support. This is to prevent you from waking up with aches in your back. Stomach sleepers are the most common cases of back pains.
  • You do not want too much firmer or too much softness in your mattress.
  • Your body must stay afloat the mattress instead of getting sunk into it.

Best Options

A good mattress for people who like to sleep on their stomach must be medium to a little firm. If the mattress is too soft, your lower body will get sunk into it and the spine will get strained. If the mattress is too hard, it will deter your spine to get into its natural curve. Here are three best options for stomach sleepers-

  1. Memory Foam Mattress- These mattresses are specially designed for all the stomach sleepers. They are made up of visco-elastic foam and polyurethane foam combined. They are a little firm than other mattresses recommended for side sleepers or back sleepers. You have the option of choosing the firmness according to your own comfort.
  2. Latex Mattress These mattresses are made up of highly concentrated cotton, fiber or springs. The material is arranged in such a pattern that the complete weight of your body is distributed equally. Such mattresses have great air-flow technology, which never gets them to heat up.