How much money should you pay for a good camcorder?

Shopping for a camcorder, can be confusing if you need to choose among a number of models. I had been to an electronic shop recently to buy a camcorder and was in a dilemma regarding which model to choose.

But luckily, I have a friend who is an expert with using camcorders. I consulted him on how to choose the best camcorder. He was 100% sure of what we should look out for in our camcorder and helped me in buying the right camcorder. When shopping for a camcorder, you need to be clear about your requirements. You should know exactly what you are going to do with your camcorder.

If you are not professional and want a camcorder to record ordinary videos, then it is better not to invest too much in it. You can get low cost or medium budget camcorders that do a good job. But, if your requirement is to capture professional quality videos, then you should go for a high end camcorder.



A low budget camcorder like Samsung HMX-H300BX can be purchased for as low as $350. It is a good camcorder to record your children’s birthday party or a game of soccer. It has a reasonably good video quality and 30x optical zoom. With 16 GB internal memory, you can easily record videos of good length.

Mid range model camcorders are those that cost you something between $500 and $1200. I came across a few interesting models in this range like the Canon VIXIA HF M52 and the Panasonic HC-X900M. Both are capable of recording good quality videos with excellent audio quality. They have 32 GB of internal memory allowing you to record a full 50 over cricket match with ease.

But how about a high end camcorder? A high end camcorder will cost you more than $5000. These are camcorders for professionals who love to shoot their first short movie or a high profile wedding party. Such models offer high features and the best quality images with excellent colors in proper light.

So, once you decide to buy a camcorder, think about what you are going to do with it. If you are like me, who just want a camcorder to shoot some personal moments when travelling with family, then you should not spend more than 1200 dollars. You can get a Panasonic HC-X900M ( here you can find the best review) that allows you to shoot HD quality videos and adjust the focus using the ring. You can also adjust the shutter speed easily in this model, making it an ideal choice for people like me.

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