Tips for cleaning your hardwood floors efficiently

Although not many would resort to cleaning as a therapeutic activity, I enjoy my time spent in the comfort of my own home, cleaning my house and relaxing at the same time. I live a pretty stressful life with plenty of responsibilities and struggles at my office, so I most of the times find myself in stressful, tensioned situations. I tried yoga, meditation, and other plenty of relaxing activities that didn’t come with the hoped outcomes.

In fact, I only wasted time and money on activities that didn’t bring me joy and didn’t help me relief from stress. Now, I’m no cleaning fanatic, but I do enjoy my hardwood floors tidy and ready to receive guests, so I only thought it was natural to pick up cleaning as a great method to get rid of negative thoughts, anxiety, anger, stress, and others.

However, cleaning hardwood floors is not as easy as you may consider because this delicate surface is prone to scratches and deterioration if you use harsh chemicals or steamers. Thus, a broom for wooden floors seems like a better option.

If you want to learn more about cleaning hardwood floors efficiently, here are the dos and and don’ts.  


Use proper products and tech tools to clean your hardwood floors. You should definitely invest in a good vacuum cleaner that will help you get rid of dirt, dust, microparticles, as well as the most common allergens that can cause health issues.

Do use a proper hardwood floor polish every couple of years, depending on the traffic in your home. If you have small children or pets wandering around all day long, I suggest polishing your floors after 2-3 years. A proper sanding and refinish should also be completed after 3-5 years, again depending on the number of people in your household.

Another good tip to look after your hardwood floors is to use carpets or specific covers for hardwood floors. Some carpets come with a rubber inside finish that can damage your floors in time.



Avoid using alcohol, soap or vinegar when cleaning your hardwood floors. I know there are plenty of DIY home cleaning products but the acidity of the vinegar will end up destroying your floors, especially if you don’t dilute it with water enough.

As a general rule, you should also avoid soap-based cleaning products because they can stain and permanently damage the floors. Baking soda or lemon juice is also not advised for the same obvious reasons.

If you do care about the environment and want to make a change, I strongly advise you to look for products with natural and active ingredients that will provide you a thorough cleaning without damaging your hardwood floors.

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